Welcome home to a place that sees you as the dynamic, talented person you are.  To a place that knows age as wisdom and experience, not “over the hill”.  

Welcome home to your new beginnings.  

That’s right.  Your new beginnings!  Over 50, retirement…what do YOU want to do with those?  

We are blazing a new path.  Moving out of old paradigms into new ways of thinking about the last third or our lives.  together, we will explore new ways of thinking about age (or ignoring it!), new dreams, discovering new boundaries of what is possible at any age.

Here we will explore Tips for living well, in body, mind and spirit. Inspirational examples of people who have broken through the aging glass ceiling, people who refuse to play by the old definitions, people who redefine aging and retirement.

Life doesn’t stop at 50.  Or 65.  Or 70.  Or 80.  

What dreams have you postponed?

 What would you like to see changed in the world?

What excites you?  What disturbs you?  

What else is possible?

My goal, my passion, is to change the face of aging.  to empower you to live those postponed dreams, to contribute to the world in ways that excite you, to learn new things, develop new talents.

To grow very old very, very slowly.

To ReBloom into what you want to be, no matter what you’ve thought was impossible.

Welcome home to new dreams, new possibilities.  Welcome home to the truth of who you are.