7 Foods to Eat for Anti-aging Power


This is short and sweet.  I will share the research (the reasons)  later this week, but wanted to give you a good list to get started image.

Foods that can help you live younger – think colorful!  Making these a big part of your regular eating plan will add many of the vitamins and minerals that optimize your youthfulness.  (This list is not totally comprehensive, but to get you started.  And it’s fairly comprehensive, at that!)

  1. Berries.  Organic strawberries, blueberries.  Tart cherries.
  2. Salmon and other fish, wild.  (Farmed fish have lower nutritional value and more toxins.)
  3. Dark green leafy veggies, such as kale, spinach, chard, collards and turnip greens.  (I do not eat the last two, but eat a lot of the first two – both cooked and raw.  Eat those that you like best.  And if you’re on blood thinners, the vitamin K in kale may be too much for your medication.)
  4. Dark chocolate with “safe” (and minimal) sweetener.  Milk chocolate is mostly milk and sweeteners, so it does not work and actually ages you and causes inflammation.  Dark chocolate is good for you!  You might even try making your own mix of cacao nibs and goji berries.
  5. Nuts.  Brazil nuts, almonds (raw, in smoothies, as well as on salads), walnuts, etc.  (Note:  peanuts are not nuts, but legumes.  Coconuts are not nuts, either, despite the name.  But coconut is very good for you!)
  6. Avocados.  This is a healthy, filling fat and good for you in many ways.
  7. Healthy oils:  olive oil, coconut oil.  (Canola oil, unless organic, is NOT good for you!  Ditto for “vegetable” oil, soy oil and cottonseed oil.)

If you think about it, this is the way our ancestors (or ancient ancestors) ate.

You may be wondering about the things you may be eating that are not mentioned in this list.  More about that later – you may be shocked to see those things on the “Do Not Eat” list because they actually cause inflammation and aging.

Start adding this to your eating habits, replacing some of the things you do NOT see mentioned here.

And…watch for Foods to Avoid or limit because they are making you age faster and more painfully.