5 Foods that Age You Prematurely

old man

We shouldn’t even need to be having this conversation…But food has gotten away from being Real Food and now is often a combination of chemicals, artificial ingredients, and increased herbicides and pesticides and hormones and antibiotics and new hybrids and GMOs.  It is time to be savvy about your food choices if you want to avoid foods that cause inflammation, oxidation and glycation.

Why is this important?  Because aging should be slow and fun!  Aging shouldn’t hurt or be painful.  It’s not just about wrinkles and the more obvious visual signs of aging, but about joints and internal organs.

Although everyone is unique in their ability to metabolize foods and this is also impacted by mindset, lifestyle and exercise, here are some basic foods that age you faster:

  1. Sugar and sweets:  can cause glycation, which accelerates aging, puts a strain on your body systems and damage your collagen, cause inflammation.
  2. Wheat:  spikes your blood sugar and causes glycation, the gluten damages your gut, and the wheat we grew up with is not the wheat that is on the market now.  The new hybridized wheat is designed for baking ease and not for human health.  There are new proteins that are causing allergies that the old wheat didn’t.
  3. Corn.  Surprise!  but now corn is in so many prepared foods that it is overwhelming.  It can cause some of the same damage wheat does.  And most corn now is Genetically Modified in two disturbing ways:  to withstand high sprayings of glyphosate/RoundUp and with Bt, which may be contributing to leaky gut in humans.  The more your intestines are damaged, the fewer nutrients you absorb and the more inflammation you have.
  4. Transfats & hydrogenated oil, canola oil, soybean oil, vegetable oils (cause inflammation and damages your chromosomes).  Watch out for labels with “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”.  Use coconut oil or olive oil or organic butter at home. Limit or eliminate fried foods – especially when you are not in charge of the oil that’s used.
  5. Artificial sweets (aspertame can cause headaches and make you crave sweets.)  Artificial anything, such as coffee creamers, sodas, diet sodas.  

Do an honest assessment of what you eat and what is in your pantry and refrigerator.  And get rid of the worst offenders and those that you eat the most.

Which of these are the most challenging for you to give up?  Let me know and we can do a substitution list for you.

I had meant to do two quick posts on the topic of foods to eat for youthening and foods to avoid because they age you prematurely, but there is so much information and so much I did not know about the effects of certain foods that I will continue to explore and share this information with you.

Please share with your loved ones, too.