Gommy Cake


Gommy Cake…an example of how easy cooking can be.

My grandmother, Gommy, made this cake and taught us how to make caramel icing for it.  It is very easy, totally delicious, and unless you are avoiding sugar, isn’t overly unhealthy…especially if you share.  It’s perfect as a sheet cake to take to pot lucks.

Gommy first made this cake in a wood cook stove on the ranch in Montana at a mile above sea level.  She later made in in town on an electric range.  It has been made at sea level and in several states, by various cooks.  That makes it almost foolproof!

One day I wanted to make it, but didn’t have enough cream for the cake.  So I called Gommy.  She lived in Montana most of her life, and on a ranch 40 miles from town for much of that time, so she had to beeeee resourceful.

She said, “No problem.  Just substitute mayonnaise for the cream.”  I did, and it tasted good.  (Did you know you could use mayo if you don’t have cream for mashed potatoes, too?)

Here’s Gommy’s recipe, as copied from the family cookbook I did, as explained by cousin Timmy-Linda.

Note:  It explains how to make perfect caramel icing.  And if you’ve never been to Yellowstone National Park, maybe you can watch a video on YouTube to see how the icing is supposed to look when it’s almost done cooking.

We come from a large family, and all the cousin levels can get confusing.   Gommy was the youngest of 13 children.  Because of the age differences, we came up with cousin-aunt and cousin-uncle designations to make it simpler.

Don’t you love that you can switch out the proportions of white/brown sugar and cream/butter?!  Don’t you love that cooking can be an adventure – and even mistakes taste good most of the time?

Of course, she used good cream and butter…all or mostly organic.  You can taste the difference, too!  If you can find it, you might want to try President butter.  I found it in Publix recently.  It is the best butter I’ve had in years!