What is Your Mindset About Your Age?

Mindset affects everything!

Is your mindset making you old before your time, or does it support you in enjoying your life?image

Dr. Charles Eugster is one of my heroes.  He started working out again in his 60s.  In his 80s, his vanity prompted him to get a trainer.  He wanted a better beach body to attract the 70 year old women. He says vanity is a great thing! And he believes in working and staying involved.  

Here;s an excerpt from an interview with him this past April:

Congratulations on the over-nineties 60m European title. Were you disappointed not to get the world record?
Charles Eugster: Oh, very. The thing was, I felt absolutely great before the race and was in my youthful dreams with hopes of attacking the world record of 14.28 seconds. I flew out of the blocks and, after the first 30m, I was out in front of the pack. That’s when my hamstring tore. You see, I was against the most extraordinary people: a 90-year-old German and a 99-year-old Italian. I knew they were quick, but I’d left them miles behind. Then, as the leg pain set in, they started to catch me. I was scared stiff that they would beat me, but of course they didn’t. I staggered over the line within over 18 seconds. Nowhere near the record. Now I must stop training for a month.*

My vanity is starting to kick in!  How about yours?

*excerpted from http://www.vice.com/read/charles-eugster-fittest-oap-on-planet