img_3456Q. Why this topic, and why now!

A. I have been intrigued by aging, why some people live vital lives well into their 80s and 90s and others don’t.

More and more of us are reaching “retirement” age.  but that’s a silly concept that strips many people of their feeling of self-worth and involvement.

I am interested in helping people explore other options,  live new dreams, and stay healthy and happy as long as possible.

Q. Aren’t we supposed to retire and take it easy after 65 or so?

A. Why?  If you like what you are doing, why retire?  What do you want to retire from?  And what do you want to retire TO?  Sure, a flexible schedule is fun, but what is it you really want to do?

There are so many things to do, ways to be involved, businesses to start, people to help, causes to help.  My goal is to build community where people find answers and redefine what it means to be over 50, over 65, over 75 in a way that fits their lives, their desires.

I’ve had friends express regret that they retired as early as they did.  And others who start new businesses or careers in their 60s and 70s.

The world is wide open to define these years as you want to, not as society or culture has defined it.

Q. Do you have any examples?

A. Sure.  I have relatives who are ranchers.  They never retire!

My dad was a Methodist minister who, after mandatory retirement, continued to work part time until about 81, and only quit then because of an accident that injured him and took my mother’s life.  Now, at 91, he writes and edits earlier writing.

Dr. Charles Eugster, about 97, took up body building and racing in his 80s and 90s.  He has a busy schedule speaking, writing, training and racing.

Queen Elizabeth has a busy schedule and stands a lot.

I’ve had friends in their mid-70s start a new business or re-enter a field they were in before.

Q.  Why you?  What do you have to offer?

A.  Several things.

Life experience.  I’ve healed from fibromyalgia, so I know what it’s like to be in pain, and to heal and feel good.  It takes some major mindset shifts to heal from something the doctors say is permanent!  I’ve been through divorce.  Had financial ups and downs. Continue to grow spiritually and to explore the power of inner peace and how to access and develop it through a mindfulness practice, EFT tapping, and other energy practices.

At 69, I am healthy, don’t take any medications, walk four miles three times a week, kayak two or three times a week in summer and fall, weather permitting, and do other pelvic floor and arm and torso exercises.  I have reversed the osteoperosis in my hip, and my bone scan numbers keep improving…without taking dangerous drugs.

I eat, and understand, healthy food.  I have a degree in horticulture and have had an organic garden, so I understand the nutritive value of food that’s grown sustainably.  And I have studied food  and am a certified speaker with the Institute for Responsible Technology.

I have taught school, owned/managed a frame shop and done real estate.  And I’ve help start a couple of not-for-profit volunteer organizations.

Now, as a Life Coach and Business Coach (Institute for Life Coach Training), I draw on the skills and experience of all of the above.  Further training includes: EFT Tapping, Guided Imagery, Matrix Energetics, PeopleMap (personality assessment), journaling, toastmasters, and several business and marketing courses.

I help people see what they’re good at and what they want to do and then we create a step by step system for them to get there, with as much hand-holding along the way as they need.

I see the brilliance in scanners/multipotentialites, introverts, misfits, artsy types and people who have felt stiffled bringing the self-expression of their gifts to the world.  I love being an advocate for these people!

My joy is helping people get clear about what they want, coaching, teaching, facilitating workshops, leading meditations, speaking.

My dream is a world where everyone can create and live their dreams, regardless of age or gender or race or upbringing.  We live in a world of infinite possibilities!  I love helping people get out of the little boxes that have defined and limited them so that they can live the possibilities they want to live.

Dreams don’t have age limits.  Together, let’s redefine aging, redefine retirement, and live vibrantly and well.

Let’s be ReBlooming Boomers!

Lynn Ward, M. Ed., BA, BS
Life & Business Coach, EFT Practitioner, Toastmaster
P.S.  The angel wings aren’t real, but they are fun!  (photo taken in Deland, Florida)